Stylish Solar Backpacks: Charge it, Store it, Use it!
Solar Panel Efficient Comparison Chart

SunPower® patented Maxeon® cell technology sets the standard for solar performance and reliability. The E20 series offers a 20% yield, providing more power then conventional panels in the same amount of space.

Features a unique triple-layered solar cell:

  • Advanced light-trapping front surface
  • Ultra-pure mono-crystalline middle material
  • Durable back-contact w/metal substrate
Recharge from the sun, recharge from a socket, charge your gadget any time!

Why BirkSun Solar Backpacks?

  1. In our increasingly connected world, mobile electronic devices are a necessity for effective communication. Many of the electronic devices we rely upon do not have sufficient battery life to make it through the day. That’s where solar backpacks come in—whether you are hiking in uncharted terrain or hitting the beach with friends, you need a backpack that is reliable in social and emergency situations alike. We hope BirkSun solar backpacks will inspire you to spend time outdoors and connect to people face to face, but with the assurance you will never again be stranded without power.
Our range of solar backpacks.

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Don't be That Guy - unshackle yourself from the wall.
Features = value in our solar backpacks.
  • This is a great piece of gear that will keep you – and your smartphone – happy for a long time to come.” —
  • I’ve found that a solar backpack takes care of the dead cell phone battery problem, giving me peace of mind when that darn battery runs low...” — The Survival Mom
  • A built-in solar panel that can keep your gadgets charged when outlets are few and far between.” — PC Magazine
  • You won’t have to stress about packing chargers because the bag will do all of the worrying.” — Forbes Travel Guide