About Us

Change the Way the World is Powered

We believe in changing the way our world is powered. The sun shows up every day and produces ridiculous amounts of power but most of us are stuck indoors and don't get to enjoy it. That's why we created BirkSun to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to charge your passion.

Products You Love

Our goal is to create products you will love and we are proud of.  All BirkSun products are designed in California and created with a very hands on approach. We spend months and often years working with the best suppliers before a product gets released. These suppliers are the same ones that produce the world's best electronics and travel accessories. We visit them frequently and build strong personal relationships with all those involved.

Zero Emissions

We realize charging just your phone from the sun will have a small impact on overall CO2 emissions, but we are excited about getting as many people as possible excited about solar. Not everyone can afford a Tesla but we can all get behind creating a world with less CO2 emissions. 

Gone solar. Be back never.
-Team BirkSun